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How to upsell as a vendor business at live events?

April 17, 2022

Upselling is a touchy subject for some business owners, but I think it's important topic discuss.

"to try to convince (a customer) to purchase something additional or at a higher cost"

This exists in every industry and helps business owners increase their average sale amount.

But, along with increasing your own sales, upsold products can also allow customers to get the full experience of the product or service sold.

Here is a list of the some of the methods used by vendors to upsell their products or services at live events:

1.     Premium Difference: A great way of upselling products and services is by explaining the differences between a basic and premium version. Mentioning features that the premium has, and the basic version does not, will establish a clear understanding of the available items and their features.

Example: If you have a booth at an event which does massages, you can explain the added features in each different package. Bonus note: if you have a conversation with the customer and learn more about what they value, you can start by explain the key differences which relate to them. This will increase the odds of convincing them to buy the more expensive item or service. Using the example above, you could ask them if they have any pain. Then if they say they have a soreness in their neck, then you could recommend a more expensive neck treatment package.

2.     Offer Cheap Items: Having a range of prices appeal to more customers so always try to retail a few very cheap options. Examples of inexpensive upsells could be stickers, tote bags, food items, small additional services, etc.

3.     Checkout Items: It’s always a great idea to keep some small items at the checkout. Customers love grabbing impulse items which solve a problem or satisfy a desire in that particular moment. Example: water on a hot day, gloves for a cold night, snacks for dessert, etc.

4.     Add Uniqueness: These are products or services which accompany the main purchase to offer a uniqueness to their purchase. Examples could be a unique colour, design, taste, note, experience, etc. It’s common for customers to want an original purchase that nobody else has, so by offering options for them to customize their purchase, this allows them to feel unique while also increasing the overall sale amount.

5.     Better Experience: If you can increase the products or services features to allow for a better customer experience, it’s a great way to not only build a loyal customer base but also increase your average sale amount. Example: When buying shoes, a cashier could offer a $5 water-proofing treatment. This allows you to make an additional sale while at the same time helping protect the customers feet from getting wet. It’s a win – win!

6.     Different Experience: If you sell products or services which solve a customer’s desire for one reason, you could explain the benefits of purchasing something additional to solve a new unknown desire. For example, if a customer is buying a bottle of small-batch alcohol, it would be a great idea to feature a cocktail making kit a cocktail recipe book.

7.     Bulk Discount Upsell: By offering a discount to customers who are buying in bulk, you can increase your total sales and move a lot more inventory. Offering bulk discounts is a great way to gain exposure as well so If your product or service can handle a decrease in margins, make sure to mention the options available. This can be done at some point in your sales pitch or during checkout and make sure to include a business card or wholesale form for them to contact you.

8.     Sell With A Story: Ask questions and then try to listen and learn about your customers because you may have a perfect solution to their problem but you don’t know it yet. If you have a cool or unique story which people can identify with, you can build trust and upsell products or services a lot easier. Nothing is more satisfying than finding a solution to a long-term problem. For example, if the customer talks about how they have chronic dry skin, and you’ve experienced the same issue in your life, then explain what you did to solve the problem. Even if it doesn’t relate to your products, it builds repour and can help a lot when you try to sell your items afterwards.

9.     Social Enterprise: If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that helping one another can drastically change lives. If you donate to a charity from every purchase made, then make sure to brag about the success you’ve had and how many people you’ve affected for the better. For example, one of our original members on Vendor Bridge, Sock Rocket, donates 3 pairs of socks to a charity fighting homelessness for every pair sold.

What are some methods you've used that have been successful? Please share this with your vendor community or let us know on Instagram @vendorbridgeca

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